porthcawl Weekly Sheet

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Readings for this week:     

Monday:           Ezekiel 1. 1-5, 24-28; Psalm 148. 1-4, 13f; Matthew 17. 22-27

Tuesday:          Ezekiel 2. 8—3.4; Psalm 119. 65-72; Matthew 18. 1-5, 10, 12-14

Wednesday:     Ezekiel 9. 1-7, 10, 18-22; Psalm 113; Matthew 18. 15-20

Thursday:        Ezekiel 12. 1-16; Psalm 39. 10-13; Matthew 18. 21-19.1

Friday:             Ezekiel 16. 1-15, 59-63; Psalm 39. 10-13; Matthew 19. 3-12

Saturday:         Ezekiel 18. 1-13, 30-2; Psalm 51. 10-17; Matthew 19. 13-15


All can be found here


Father Geoff’s farewell was, to quote his article in parish magazine, both sweet and bitter. Sweet because so many people came, shared in the liturgy Fr Geoff had devised, sang his chosen hymns and feasted well afterwards (and learned more about his favourite Jonah); bitter because one of our friends is moving on to pastures new. By his request there was no collection but cards were handed over and a proper appreciation of his work here made. We are sure that his new ministry in Cwmafan from September will be richly blessed.


This Sunday we will be keeping the feast of Transfiguration a day late: it is the hinge moment when Jesus turns His face to Jerusalem. The vision of glory we are given is a foreshadowing of the glory that He offers to us all, when law (Moses) and prophet (Elijah) are gathered together in Jesus and we are shown His true glory. We hear again the words spoken at Jesus’ baptism: ’This is my Son, my Chosen: listen to Him,’ words of wisdom for al of us.


A reminder of David Philpot’s funeral on Thursday at 13.30. we will say his Requiem on Tuesday; a good, faithful and active servant of the Lord. Another good servant, Vivienne Binks, died on Sunday: we offer our sympathy and prayers to her husband Michael. Her requiem is on Monday 15th at St John the Baptist at 12.30.

The All Saints mass will be at 11 that day.


It is worth noting that both David and Vivienne left clear instructions as to what is to be sung and read at their funerals. This makes things a lot easier when arrangements are made. It is perhaps time for us to re-print the form in the next Magazine.


Work is starting on the new kitchen in the Schoolroom, the world’s most drawn-out building project. We now have Phase 3 electricity! (more power for the new cooker). The last event with old equipment will be the 200 Club Coffee and Danish on 20th August.


A reminder that there is an Area Mass on 14th August at St Theodore’s Kenfig Hill, another opportunity for us to join together with our fellow-pilgrims from the other churches. No service here at 09.30, 10 or 11 – please make the journey!


You will see on the Home page of this website a leaflet drawn up to answer some of the questions which may have crossed your mind about the Ministry Area. One further query was made to me within minutes this morning. Be assured that if you leave money to St John’s, All Saints or St David’s (or to the former parish) it can only ever be used for the purpose for which you left it. It cannot be drained away into some other generalised fund: that would be illegal and a breach of charity law.


May God bless you and keep you,

Fr Philip