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Thank you from Ukraine

1st March 2024

I wanted to say a huge thank you, once again, for the donation for Ukraine from the All Saints Coffee Mornings. Thank you to everyone for your generosity.

I have acquired 3 boxes of specialist life-saving catheters for Ukraine with this donation.

The catheters were requested by vascular surgeon Major Yuriy Sivash, who will send them to hospitals in the south and east of Ukraine near the front lines. Major Yuriy and the other surgeons asked if we could supply Fogarty Catheters (balloon catheters) which remove blood clots from veins and arteries during surgery and save the lives and limbs of injured soldiers. 

These catheters are very expensive and due to your generosity, I was able to buy a box of 30 catheters to send to Yuriy. When I informed Major Yuriy, he was delighted and said this was the best news he had had for ages and asked me to thank everyone involved.

Thank you and best wishes, Mike Hnyda

After Doctor Who!

8th December 2023

Newton Village Green has returned to its usual routine after the invasion of 500 actors, aliens, technicians for lighting, sound, crew catering, pantechnicons and a helicopter disrupted the peace for three nights of filming an episode of Doctor Who - well, not an episode - just 5 minutes of an episode!  


Instead of a church and graveyard glowing in red light during those three nights we (the local church committee) have arranged for the tower to be floodlit during the Christmas and New Year period.  BCBC erect the lights for us and committee member, Alison Williams, offered to sponsor the floodlighting - well she actually persuaded husband Mark to do so, with her, through their company The Print Centre and we are very grateful.


This is the tower of St Johns bathed in white light, not the Doctor Who red!

Newton church floodlit.jpg

Congratulations to Ruth

5th July 2023

Congratulations to Ruth Birch who won the Welsh Veteran Inspiration of the Year Award. The Award was presented at the Welsh Veterans Awards 2023 event in Cardiff last night. Well done, Ruth, everyone is very proud of you.

Ruth Birch Welsh Veterans Award winner.jpg
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